Seabob Côte d'Azur

A new way to snorkel...

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The Seabob

The seabob is an underwater scooter with an electric propulsion, it can be submersible to 2.5 metres. You don’t need a licence to drive it !

How does it work ?

Once you’re in the water, you will be as one with the Seabob, your hands on the lever. The manoeuvres will be easy because all you need to do is to shift your bodyweight in order to turn your seabob. If you want to dive in, you’ll have to tip over the machine by pushing the lever forward and the other way around to resurface it.

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The Seabob is charged by a lithium-ion battery with a high performance propulsion system. It is completely safe for the user as there is no propeller. It will give you amazing sensations.

It is the ideal machine if you want to discover the sea life or have a great time in the Mediterranean thanks to its aerodynamic shape, its size and its quiet motor. 

20 km/h

speed over water

14 km/h

speed under water

2.5 mètres


120 minutes

maximal range

New for 2020 : discover the Iaqua !

100% electric submarine propeller, the Iaqua offers a unique experience with a maximum speed of 21 km / h and a power of 4700 Watts.

Eco-Gliss Rates list

Payment : credit card or cash

For your comfort, consider providing sun protection, water bottle, bath towel and bathing suit.

50 30 minutes

  • degressive rates
  • 2 Seabob : 95 €
  • 3 Seabob : 140 €
  • 4 Seabob : 180 €
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90 1 hour

  • degressive rates
  • 2 Seabob : 170 €
  • 3 Seabob : 250 €
  • 4 Seabob : 325 €
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350 full day

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